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Individual counselling

Individuals who are struggling with issues such as care-giver fatigue, life-transitions, relationship challenges, sexuality, loss, sometimes choose talk therapy. Space is created to allow issues to be explored with the support of a therapist whose role is to guide, bring awareness and, with the client’s wisdom, to identify practical solutions to help find their way back to their authentic self. 

Clients who choose to work with me are interested in using a holistic approach to health and well-being. This may include mindfulness practices and techniques. When we feel more grounded, aware and in alignment with our authentic self, we are much better equipped and have more resilience to deal with  challenges and life transitions.

My belief is that you are the ultimate expert on your own life and intuitively know what is best for you. Together we work toward finding a sense of well-being and balance.

Having worked in social services and health-care and experiencing care-giver fatigue myself, I have a keen interest but am not limited to supporting those with similar experiences.

Organizational support

Organizations wishing to learn about compassion fatigue, empathic strain, the practice of mindfulness or wellness, engage with me for practical solutions through keynote address, presentations, half or full-day workshops. During half- or full-day workshops, small and large group activities are incorporated so that participants are able to engage in self- reflection, assess their level of well-being and develop self-care plans to assist them in living well. Through the sharing of my personal story and using my sense of humour, I strive to make a difficult subject matter seem less daunting. Participants often leave feeling uplifted and hopeful for moving forward in their work.

Organizations dealing with loss, trauma or a critical incident will invite me in to offer support to impacted staff.

Workshops/presentations on wellness, self-care, compassion fatigue and mindfulness have been provided to professionals working in such places as health care, child welfare, education, legal, social services and community organizations. Workshops are customized to address the needs of the group.

Mindfulness services

As a long-time meditator and mindfulness instructor, I am passionate about sharing this beautiful practice that has been both a professional and personal life-saver. My hope is to support others interested in developing a personal practice or teaching mindfulness. I have studied with numerous teachers and my wish is to share the knowledge that I have learned.

Individuals wishing to begin or support a personal practice, can inquire about one-on-one or group teaching/support.

Those looking to incorporate mindfullness into their clinical practice or to teach mindfulness can engage with me for mentoring and training.

I teach Mindful Self-Compassion courses to health care, social service or professional groups. These include an 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion program or a shorter 6-week program both developed through the Centre for Mindful-Self Compassion. These courses can be offered to specific closed groups or organizations.

Retreats incorporate meditation, yoga and self-exploration as it relates to increased wellness of body, mind and spirit. All retreats and courses can be customized to specific group needs.

Choose Wellness

Talks and presentations, organizational support, individual counselling, mindfulness and meditation, teaching, workshops and retreats

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